Welcome to worldcupgm2018.com, the official website of the 2018 World Veteran Championships. The largest hockey tournament in the world.

Our installations receive again players and supporters of fifferent countries of the world that visit us in these days to offer us and enjoy very high level games. To all of them we wish a glorious competition as well as a happy stay in our Club and in Barcelona.


  • The Real Club de Polo de Barcelona will be accepting teams for three days training from 18th June up to 20th June, by request to OC
  • The Managers Meeting and Umpires Meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th June
  • The Opening Ceremony will be Wednesday 20th June
  • WGMA Congress meeting on 26th June
  • Gala Dinner on 28th June
  • Tournament finals up to 7.30pm on 30th June
  • Closing Ceremony following the finals on 30th June